Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a vast field involving multiple of cases pertaining to different Laws / Acts. We assist you to connect with top rated civil lawyers in delhi. Civil law include a mixture of fields like, family laws, commercial laws, personal injury laws, business laws, probate laws, intellectual property laws ,tax laws, etc. Our team of civil advocate in delhi possess an experience of 30+ years in handling civil cases at different levels ranging from District Courts to different High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, as well as several regional and their Appellate Tribunals

Our team of civil lawyers in Delhi possesses the expertise for filing and defending civil suits pertaining to the following:

  • Property related disputes
  • Partition of movable / immovable properties
  • Declaration of Ownership of Property
  • Partition suit against Ancestral Property / Joint Hindu Property / Parental Property / Joint-Ownership Property

Today property issues are increasing at a very high rate. In the absence of highly experienced lawyer it get extremely difficult to get the solution of the case. We have a team of highly skilled civil lawyers in delhi which not only provides you a legal advice but also stands for you in the proceedings


  • Drafting of Wills
  • Registration of Wills
  • Probation of Wills

Recovery Suits:

  • Recovery of Money
  • Recovery of Movable & Immovable Property
  • Recovery of Estates / Debts / Dues

Debt Recovery Tribunals:

  • Litigation services in Debt Recovery Tribunals
  • Appeals in Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals
  • Recovery of Estates / Debts / Dues

In case you have lend money to your well known and friends by believing them and unable to recover money. We could help you in debt recovery tribunals by providing a well experienced civil advocate in Delhi which will further guide you to recover your money without any hardships.

Family Laws:

  • Suit under Guardians and Wards Act, 1890
  • Suit under Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
  • Succession Certificate
  • Custody of children / wards
  • Petition for Appointments of Guardians
  • Suit for Succession to Property
  • Partition suit for movable / immovable properties


  • Suit for Permanent Injunction
  • Application for Temporary Injunction


  • Revision
  • Review
  • Special Leave to Appeal
  • Special Leave Petition before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
  • Civil Appeals before Hon’ble High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India

We provide professional and comprehensive legal help to our clients in the case of family dispute and appeals. Take the services of civil advocate in delhi to get a fair idea about how to proceed in the case.

Writ Petitions:

  • Writ Petition under Section 32 before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
  • Writ Petition under Section 226 before the Hon’ble High Court

Stay Orders:

  • Obtaining of Stay orders against an Administrative order
  • Obtaining of Stay order on execution of a Judicial order

Specific Performance:

  • Specific performances of Contacts / agreements


  • Enforcement and breach of contract matterss
  • Civil defamation suits
  • Land Acquisition Litigation
  • Societies and Co-Operative Societies Matters
  • Drafting of Legal Notice
  • Reply to Legal Notice
  • Successions and Trusts Matters

Patronslegal is keenly devoted to help the clients in civil litigation issues by consulting them with best civil lawyers in Delhi. Hiring a lawyer amplify the probability of winning a case easily. Our lawyers will guide you and assists you with the best solution to get out from the civil related matters.