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Both CBI and ED are specialised agencies responsible for the investigation of cases mainly pertaining to corruption and money laundering, respectively.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is one of the elite investigation agencies of the country, which can investigate criminal matters of any sort after the said investigation is handed over to the CBI by the central government or by order of a judicial court. It may even investigate cases of breach of central laws that are enforceable by the central government, Economic crimes, special crimes, corruption cases, etc.

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The major chunk of cases that are investigated by the CBI pertains to corruption cases and is handed by their specialised wing Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB). The ACB may, by direction of the central government or of a judicial court or Suo moto, investigate any criminal offence involving the violation of any of the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. Being an elite investigation body, the standard of investigation could stand relatively higher, and thus it becomes extremely important for the accused persons/defence to handle these cases with utmost caution after considering all the laws and procedures that are applicable in the said set of facts. Our team of CBI lawyers in Delhi, after going through the facts of the case, and the case files, help you understand the case, the legalities involved, the gravity of the offences and the way forward to defend such cases. We have a very specialised and well-experienced team of CBI case advocates in Delhi who have successfully defended numerous cases of CBI for years.

Role of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) as a Prime Investigation Agency

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is a prime investigation agency, set up to investigate money laundering cases. The agency is responsible for investigating any case involving the violation of the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002, the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, and the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act 2018. It is an agency set up under the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India. The primary objective of ED is to curve the circulation of black money. The ED is also responsible for ensuring that the laws on foreign exchange and prevention of money laundering are duly complied with, and if there is any breach of any such provision, then the matter is duly investigated and pursued as per law. The cases of the Enforcement Directorate usually involve large amounts of money and are thus relatively more serious, and thus the chances of getting bail/anticipatory bail in these cases are relatively less. Our team of money laundering lawyers in Delhi are highly experienced and hold the expertise to defend such cases for our clients. They possess the knowledge, experience, and skills required for defending such technical cases. Our team of Enforcement Directorate (ED) lawyers in Delhi have been successfully handling these cases for years and will help you get bail, and defend your case in trial proceedings in the most efficient way possible.

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We believe that every case has its own unique set of facts and has to be handled with meticulous planning and a strategic approach, backed by a thorough understanding of the case, evidence, and research. We firmly believe that the client ought to be well-informed about his case at every stage of the legal proceedings, and must be aware of the possible options at his disposal, which will ultimately help him make an informed and sound decision. Patrons Legal is committed to its clients with ethics of the highest standards and professionalism, and leave no stone unturned to defend our clients’ cases with our client-centric approach.

There is a dedicated court complex at the Roose Avenue Courts, New Delhi, having the special courts for CBI and ED, where all the matters of CBI and the Enforcement Directorate are heard.